~livin la vida spiritomb~

Hello, my name is Ari!

He/Him or They/Them, please!

My Skype is Nekomilocat, so if you want to talk that's the best place to find me~ I always love to talk to people! Go ahead and strike up a conversation, I'm almost always online~

And please, please tell me if anything I say or reblog upsets you in any way! I'll do my best to always tag things, you just need to ask! I want my followers to be happy and comfortable always~

Be aware, I'll run around and reblog scary things without warning sometimes, because I love creepypastas and horror games. I avoid the really upsetting things, like gore or jumpscares, but don't be surprised if you see some spooky content inbetween all this pink and green fluff!
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